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Who Does It Help?

Who Does It Help?

Students: Students have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Each module provides a 360° learning solution with pre-class tasks and study, followed by post-class digital assessments. The courses are designed so that every student can use them in their entirety or in segments, as per her/his individual needs.

Teachers: For teachers who have a difficult time finding the right material and associated activities or assessments, our modules are the final destinations. With detailed facilitator and student handbooks, plus customizable assessments and tests, we aim to make the teacher’s job more about helping students learn better, rather than spending time doing research for good material.

Institutions: Making students job-ready and skilled to meet the challenges of the modern day workplace is a priority for all institutions. Our courses are created in conjunction with Industry and educational bodies, making them the most current courses available.

Industry: Finding workers with the right skill levels, not just appropriate educational qualifications, is a major hurdle industries face today. Our courses provide the right kind of skills-based, hands-on experiential learning new employees need to hit the ground running. This makes our courses ideal as a training and assessment tool for deployment at an organizational level.