Walking back along the corridors of the year 2001 brings heartwarming memories of the launch of KALVI Higher Education and Research Institute, with dreams of transforming the learning center into a global training provider.

VOICE wing was the apt offshoot thought of at this point of time to design specialized and unique methods of training for learners of all age groups to acquire proficiency in the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking which are the building blocks of language communication.

KALVI at large caters to the diverse learning solutions of the individual needed for a career growth in terms of the latest in software skills and hardware training with internationally valid certification.

VOICE Training and Research Institute is geared towards enabling the learner realize the most chimerical of dreams by honing the plethora of skills buried underneath their subconscious mind. Communication is a skill that involves systematic and continuous process of speaking, listening and understanding. The ability to understand verbal and non-verbal cues are the skills that can be learnt by observing and modeling one's communication skills.

English being acknowledged as the passport to better education and employment opportunities, plays a crucial role in weaving the world into a single thread.

Today's workforce requires a high degree of proficiency in communication which engages a succinct and unique training methodology of teaching English.

VOICE serves as a platform to learn and enhance one's communication skills in the English language. Social development is a prominent measurable factor of effective communication, that is necessary for sustainable growth and development of a community.

The programs delivered under the VOICE umbrella are result oriented and tailor made with the clear view of adaptability, productivity, utility, universality and teachability.