Learning English


  • Fluency in English
  • Enhancement of Lexical power
  • Difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal communication
  • Art of Conversation
  • Business English
  • Voice Modulation
  • Special emphasis on pronunciation
  • Business etiquette and grooming
  • Soft skills

Our Training , is committed to ensure the best performance of the learners by Our innovative teaching style and vigorous personal efforts and attention as the Internationally accepted tests serve as mandates for aspiring students to set their foot on foreign ground.

The trainers at our institute demonstrate unique learning strategies to benefit the learners in distinct ways The program manifests an outcome of the language learning in the below mentioned ways.

Predict the subject of a text based on its title, or information learned from associated captions or Pictures. Discuss or think about a subject before reading or hearing about it. Guess the meaning of vocabulary from context. Break a sentence or word into parts to understand its meaning Focus on essential information when listening to or reading a text which will help them answer efficiently. Organize notes in an outline into main and subordinate categories. Use only key words when taking notes. Use notes and outlines to plan what to say or write before beginning a task. Understand and analyze the information in an effective way.


AT the basic level learners demonstrate the ability to Identify the primary meanings and uses of each of the English Verb tenses. Respond to written and oral questions and /or prompts using appropriate verb tenses and structures. Use appropriate verb tenses in written and oral passages of his /her own creation. Edit his/her own writing to correct errors in verb tenses and aspect. Read and complete basic forms in English besides demonstrate the gap filling of documents. Demonstrate the ability to answer questions and relay information.

At the Intermediate level visible skills of training seen are as follows: Satisfy moderately good standards for clear and effective, well organized, well developed, well edited, and logically sound sentences and paragraphs. Demonstrate active reading strategies in order to partially comprehend, critically analyze, and explain ideas in moderately difficult English texts. Demonstrate accurate reading comprehension of moderately high level English grammatical structures. Use some intermediate English grammatical structures to accurately and effectively express ideas at the sentence level.

The Advanced level learners can demonstrate the following:

Express ideas fluently, accurately, and appropriately in spoken English at a level approaching that required in first-year college courses Comprehend and respond appropriately by writing English at a level approaching that which is required in graduating students. Demonstrate knowledge of and use cultural conventions in oral communications at a level approaching that required in work place Job Industry. Demonstrate accurate aural comprehension of a majority of high difficulty level English grammatical structures. Use high beginning English grammatical structures to accurately and effectively express ideas in sustained written discourse