VOICE Training and Research Pvt ltd., is the authorized training and testing Centre of Cambridge Assessment English. Voice training and research pvt ltd., with the expertise and knowledge to empower learners in the communicative skills of the english language running through the industrial hub of a community influences the country at large.

VOICE with a penchant desire to reach the seemingly unreachable heights in the arena of communicative English, has developed innovative and result oriented training material to equip the teaching and the learning communities. The ability to express one's versatility in the language is the gateway that opens up to a global treasure trove.

Voice is a proud Provider of various training courses in English learning bringing a resourceful platter to the learners. We train learners in Cambridge authorised English Learning on need based programs and the most needed English language certifications for students and job seekers in foreign soil like FCE and CAE. All training is leveraged on synchronising the realia with the communication style on International Benchmarks.

Our emphasis is on a learner based goal setting for learning the English Language in a short time . Teaching and learning theories are basically instrumentalist, whatever is thought to work is being tried in all our classroom sessions .

The grafted positioning we can boast of with Cambridge is remarkable. Our association with Cambridge has created a powerful pull away from the methods of teaching and learning based on traditional language schools, moving us towards the individual abilities and goals of the learner disenchanted with traditional methodology of language learning . This is an iconic achievement in our progress as a Language Training Institution.

We have learnt the art of using meaningful material in ways that increase learners' knowledge and understanding to making them thoughtful and productive in the English Language Learning . Further we can voice with confidence that our teaching goals and learning outcomes have seamlessly integrated into the learner as all our planning and delivery methods are leveraged on the Cambridge Philosophy of English Learning