We view learning as involving an array of complex cognitive processes that involve the processing of information/input from external sources (i.e., teachers, fellow learners, textbooks and other learning resources, etc.) relating new information with old knowledge and also with other new information, developing understanding and insight regarding this information. Learning also involves acquiring or attaining a level of mastery and automaticity in processing or using this learned information, and communicating the knowledge and skills one has developed to others. Through the meticulously planned training method we strive to maximize learning opportunities, encourage learner autonomy, increase language awareness (tolerant of learner errors) contextualize language input, integrate language skills.

We use the effective method of critical thinking to enhance the listening and speaking skills of the learners. Our focus is on the following factors throughout our training program.

Cultivate critical thinking skills :
Challenge students with fun games, activities and build confidence in communication.

Stretch students' imaginations :
When we teach speaking skills we follow the methodology enumerated below.

Low Beginner :
Focus on simple information exchange, expressing thoughts and asking questions.

High Beginner :
Focus on using language to accomplish simple personal objectives appropriately.

Low Intermediate :
Focus on general discussion of a variety of topics and functioning well in social situations.

High Intermediate :
Focus on elaborating and supporting opinions as well as simple formal presentations.

Advanced :
Focus on formal presentations, polished conversation skills and idiomatic expression.