Measuring the Skills that Predict Workplace Success.

Backed by more than 70 years of educational and work readiness research from ETS, a global leader in assessment innovation, Workforce Assessments Portfolio products measure key behavioral and cognitive skills that predict workplace performance and provide you with tools you can trust to help your organization identify and develop the best talent.

Highlights of using Workforce Products

Select and support with confidence. Measure key skills proven to predict success in the workplace so you can be confident you are choosing the right person for the job and supporting their success with targeted training.

Get high-quality, accurate results. Innovative test designs that provide a high level of accuracy and fairness mean you can count on reliable results for making better informed decisions.

Streamline the assessment and training process. Designed to be simple to use and administer, our products offer easy-to-understand results and score reports as well as actionable information fast, so you can keep your organization positioned for success.

The best solutions for specific recruiting, sourcing and training needs.

Workforce Assessment for Job Fit

This fast and accurate web-based assessment helps you identify qualified candidates whose behavioral skills fit those needed to succeed in a specific position.

Workforce Assessment for Cognitive Ability

Efficient, accurate and easy to administer and use, this new assessment helps you find candidates who have the basic cognitive skills needed for a particular job.