We have a range of resources to help candidates who are preparing for a Linguaskill test.

Free: online sample tests

Use these online sample tests to familiarise yourself with the types of questions used on Linguaskill.

Take the Linguaskill Reading and Listening sample test

Take the Linguaskill Writing sample test

Take the Linguaskill Speaking sample test

Note: The Reading and Listening sample test is not adaptive and is shorter that a real test. Sample tests do not provide a result or save your answers.

The Speaking sample test requires a headphone set and microphone.

Free: English practice

We have produced a range of free online activities for reading, writing, pronunciation, listening and grammar aligned to the CEFR levels tested in Linguaskill. You can choose the skill you want to practise and the level that's right for you.

Free: games and social media

Playing games, watching videos and talking to other people are all great ways of improving your English.

Download games to your phone, play online and join our Facebook community

Official Cambridge English preparation materials

Cambridge English Empower is a general course that covers all levels of the CEFR. You can choose a course to suit your needs, from A1-C1.