Test format

Linguaskill is a flexible, modular assessment, which tests:

  • Reading and Listening (combined)
  • Writing
  • Speaking*

Example topics:

  • future plans
  • free time and hobbies
  • using and learning English
  • family and friends
  • travel and holidays
  • places and sights
  • studying and working
  • shopping
  • sport
  • music
  • home life
  • technology

Administer the test onsite using just a computer, internet connection, a microphone and a set of headphones. No specialist software or equipment is needed.

Linguaskill sample tests

How the automarker works within the Linguaskill Writing test

The Writing module uses innovative automarker technology. Candidates input answers using a computer keyboard and their answers are automatically marked by the computer. This video explains how the automarker technology works within the Writing module and how it is as reliable as a human marker.

Reading and Listening

The Reading and Listening module is adaptive, so there is not a fixed number of questions. Each question the candidate answers helps the computer to understand their level better. The test finishes when the candidate has answered enough questions for Linguaskill to identify their level accurately. /p>

Download our guide to computer adaptive testing of listening and reading skills

Results for the Reading and Listening module are provided immediately.



About 60–85 minutes

Number of questions:


Types of questions – Reading tasks:

Read and select
Candidates read a notice, diagram, label, memo or letter containing a short text and choose the sentence or phrase that most closely matches the meaning of the text. There are three possible answers.

Gapped sentences
Candidates read a sentence with a missing word (gap) and choose the correct word to fill the gap. There are four choices for each gap.

Multiple-choice gap-fill
Candidates choose the right word or phrase to fill the gaps in a text. There are four choices for each gap.

Open gap-fill
Candidates read a short text in which there are some missing words (gaps) and write in the missing word in each gap.

Extended reading
Candidates read a longer text and answer a series of multiple-choice questions. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text.

Types of questions – Listening tasks:

Listen and select
Candidates listen to a short audio recording and answer a multiple-choice question with three options.

Extended listening
Candidates listen to a longer recording and answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on it. The questions are in the same order as the information they hear in the recording.

Length of texts:

150–600 words per text.