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Quality Professional Development Courses

Edusoft offers effective, blended learning, technology-enhanced Professional Development courses.

These courses have been adopted by ministries of education and academic institutions worldwide in order to advance the teaching skills and the English language proficiency of classroom teachers. Our modular and customizable, quality Professional Development courses are available for K-12 and higher education teachers and are suitable for in-service teachers.

The courses have several aims, including, familiarizing teachers with 21st century teaching practices, promoting blended learning methodologies, improving teachers’ in-class management skills, and familiarizing teachers with communicative practices. The courses also promote reflective application research tasks to allow teachers constructive feedback and self-evaluation.

Edusoft’s Professional Development courses were developed as a result of Edusoft’s extensive experience with English language teachers throughout the world. Using our vast experience in distance and blended learning, Edusoft has developed a program that addresses the main challenges facing English teachers. It provides an effective, scalable solution for countries and institutions interested in advancing the teaching and language skills of teachers.

The Professional Development courses are implemented and moderated by Edusoft’s highly experienced Pedagogical Training and Implementation Team. Trainees who fulfill the course requirements will receive an international certificate which is recognized by a growing number of ministries of education.